Entando is out!

Entando is out!

Published on: 12/01/2012

Entando, the new version of Entando web platform, has just been released and it is now available to download on GitHub.

The release features a new user-centered API Services system to implement web services and it is coupled with the free mobile application MyEntando, that caming soon, to enjoy a made-to-measure mobile experience.

The introduction of the API Services system gives portal administrators full freedom to create web services with no need for technical skills. An integrated 'mapping' functionality searches for matching content and allows to create the correspondent web application straight from it, with a significant save on time. In addition, the use of the open data format consents data re-use to a greater extent, boosting new business opportunities.

Behind the development of Entando there is a stronger attention to users and their needs in an interconnected world. The same attention shapes the future of the entire project.
"From the release - explains Diana - jAPS 2.0 Entando will be named simply Entando, to mark a turning point in our evolution". The open source web platform has gradually moved on from the early stages of java agile portal system, known as jAPS and jAPS 2.0, to Entando, a solution that helps organisations leverage the opportunities of a network society.
"Technology - adds Diana - has changed the way all of us work and handle information, it has enabled new participation and collaboration practices, unimaginable until not long ago. Entando collects the jAPS inheritance to focus more on the new scenarios technology opened rather than on technology itself."

Entando is also moving on GitHub and Maven, more details here.