MARKOS second Protype Release…

MARKOS second Protype Released, take part to the validation trial

Published on: 25/02/2015

The MARKOS project is aimed to realize the prototype of a service and an interactive application providing an integrated view on the Open Source projects available the on web, focusing on functional, structural and licenses aspects of software code (see the MARKOS Factsheet and the MARKOS Brochure).

The MARKOS system itself is released as open source software, which thanks to the offered functionalities, is expected to facilitate software development based on the Open Source paradigm in a global context.

MARKOS is an open source tool with a Web-based interface to inspect the code structure and possible license issues of Open Source Software available on public forges. MARKOS is based on source code lightweight fact extraction, heuristics to identify software dependencies, and automatic legal reasoning to identify license issues.

The MARKOS  project is now approaching to the end and the system is in the final development phase and ready to be shown and demonstrated with all completed features.

The Second MARKOS prototype is now available. Test it and provide your feedback!

We are looking forward to receiving your comments either by completing a Survey or dropping us a message via a form available at MARKOS demo under “Give us Feedback” link.

To learn more about how MARKOS works, watch MARKOS videos at our YouTube channel, read usage scenarios walkthrough guide or check the help center at MARKOS demo.