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SuiteCRM, the open source CRM…

SuiteCRM, the open source CRM alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition officially released

Published on: 10/12/2013

SalesAgility is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of SuiteCRM (, the open source CRM alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition.

SuiteCRM comprises the latest release of SugarCRM Community Edition as the foundation of the application suite. SalesAgility has developed reporting, workflow, quotes, products, security and portal extensions that enable SuiteCRM to deliver the functionality that was previously only found in the proprietary, paid-for editions of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM also includes new functionality for event management and mapping that is not available in SugarCRM.

SuiteCRM is completely open source with a traditional foundation governance model to ensure best practice support, development and contribution management. SuiteCRM is free to download, modify and distribute. SuiteCRM also provides an open source alternative to CRM applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Greg Soper, Chief Executive Officer, SalesAgility says, “SuiteCRM has been four years in the making and we are delighted now that there's a genuinely open source CRM project that does not hide behind proprietary licences. There are no 'Commercial Open Source' editions, the entire core application is open source and free to download. We believe that open source drives innovation and that the development model will make development faster, applications more secure and less buggy, and the community more responsive to user needs”.

Existing users of SugarCRM Community Edition will be able to upgrade to SuiteCRM by using the upgrade process available on the SuiteCRM website. New users can download the entire CRM application without any license charge. SuiteCRM is completely compatible with SugarCRM so any custom functionality will continue to run without trouble as long as it has been developed using upgrade-safe methods. Extensions that integrate with SugarCRM will also integrate with SuiteCRM without any additional work.

Soper invited the development community to get involved in the project: "SuiteCRM is one of the most important application stack open source projects to be launched in the last five years. Open source in the application space has been under attack from business models that pervert the core precepts of open source. We have seen a plethora of applications launched with extended functionality hiding behind proprietary licences, the so-called “Commercial Open Source” model. This is not open source, it's business-as-usual proprietary software. SuiteCRM is a true open source project. All the code is GPL3 and is available for contributions on Github. Come and get involved in the project. We need developers, translators, documenters and community supporters. Come and help us make SuiteCRM the most powerful, most functional and most used open source CRM on the planet”.

City/Location: London