About Entando

Entando 4.0 is an Open Source, lean Web platform that combines enterprise portals, content management and framework capabilities.

Entando helps businesses and government agencies with organizational effectiveness by facilitating information sharing, participation and collaboration in the Web 2.0 era.

Entando is developed on Java EE technology and based on Open Source frameworks and libraries. Entando's portal also provides a set of "development patterns" (bundles) that guides the creation of customized functions.

Entando also provides developers and IT companies with components, tools and best practices for platform extensibility, system administration and interoperability.

Government agencies need to adopt innovative models and tools to improve quality service to citizens at a reduced cost. Entando is efficient, responsive, effective and transparent; offering government agencies a new solution to improve the quality of online services and information to end-users.

Entando's platform efficiently solves issues related to the aggregation of information and services on a single front-end, a responsive and customizable desktop where information services and resources are made accessible to everyone. Our solution removes barriers so users can access and use ICT services as well as offer e-participation to citizens.

Download the latest version of Entando's Community Edition and its Plugins from GitHub (http://github.com/entando)

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