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8 years ago

  We are proud to announce the release of Entando Platform 4.0 – this is a brief introduction of its new features and upgrades. Our engineers have worked to deliver architectural improvements and new plugins and connectors for our Enterprise Edition, while restyling the User Experience of our back office with a Bootstrap-based responsive interface also for plugin front-end.

In order to ensure the best possible performance in Enterprise deployment scenarios, we have upgraded our engine to the latest Spring version, and optimized and tested the configuration for JBoss 7 and Tomcat 7, while running several stress tests to verify platform and data stability and security.

We are proud to be the first portal platform to consider accessible UX for people with disabilities as a priority, both in front-end and back-end dashboards; and, we are now even more mobile-ready thanks to a fully functional responsive administration area which greatly improves accessibility and flexibility of portal management.

True to the principles of lean architecture, Entando 4.0 focuses on flexibility and is based on a modular approach to the challenges of web development, supporting a variety of possible scenarios, including deployment as a SaaS solution. No matter the purpose of your product, Entando guarantees its ability to deliver perfectly tailored results; we are looking forward to your feedback and contribution to explore its full potential.

And then, we have many new exclusive features for our Enterprise Edition. The first significant upgrade is that the entire platform is now cloud-ready and fully compatible with major Cloud platforms such as Heroku, CloudBees, JElastic, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. Similarly, our renovated storage service allows the management of dynamic CMS resources, and an improved search engine leverages advanced indexing capabilities to reach portal pages, documents, and any additional database.

We also have a long list of entirely new features designed to ensure a more efficient and quick development of portal structures: partners will receive specific dedicated support tools for the creation of stacks and Entando objects. EEE 4.0 also introduces workflow features through the dedicated Activiti BPM Connector.

Completely new plugins and connectors have been integrated to provide useful content management, publishing, and administration features both in back office and front-end environments; we have integrated directly in the EEE platform a set of useful instruments for accelerating and improving portal features such as Web Forms, or monitoring SEO.

Contact us or request a demo for a guided tour of all the features of Entando Enterprise Edition 4.0.

Our free Community Edition is available on GitHub.