About genaro

The genaro project is an extension of - and integrated in the gvHIDRA Project. The gvHIDRA project is also available on https://gvhidra.gva.es/redmine, and consists of a framework for the development of data management applications, with the main goal to increase the productivity of software developments. The genaro extension allows code generation in this gvHIDRA framework. The main goal is to make the first step of construction of an gvHIDRA based application easier. Genaro is able to generate each of the application screens, by establishing a database system connection. It needs only three input parameters and returns the files corresponding to the view, model and controller (in gvHidra this corresponds to the handler class, views, template and mappings). Nowadays, the creation of windows is a manual process, by copying templates. With this module, we automate the process increasing the productivity of software developments.


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