DE: Prospects for Business Models of German Companies in the European and Global Geo-Information Market

Published on: 31/05/2008
Last update: 04/02/2009

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Industry-oriented solutions and applications for the geo-information market open access to new markets. On a national level, this realization has established itself firmly in the German Commission on the Economics of Geo-Information (GIW-Commission). Now the time has come for this to take place on an international level as well. Building on the results of the GIW-commission’s work, the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) has charged MICUS Management Consulting with creating the study “Prospects for Business Models of German Companies in the European and Global Geo-Information Market.”

The study emphasises industries for which geo data is relevant and which are already the subjects of the GIW-Commission’s lead projects:

  • The insurance industry – georisks
  • The reusable energy industry – geothermal energy
  • The industry for primary resources - aggregates and quarry products
  • The utility and banking industry - real estate
  • The media industry - 3D city models

Additionally, good practice solutions on the basis of geo data are introduced. In the relevant section, business models, innovative solutions for web portals and exemplary applications in relation to the subjects of the GIW-Commission’s lead projects are discussed.

An important requirement for the activation of the geo-information market involves developing sustainable business models. This section introduces the elements of such business models, sales and distribution models and potential forms of cooperation. The emphasis is placed on web-based business models in an international environment.

The geo-information market in Germany was first explored by MICUS in 2003. This market assessment has been updated. In the relevant section, the three most important market segments given by portable and on board satellite navigation, planning and documentation systems as well as geo-marketing are considered.

Based on the results of the study, policy recommendations are made. These address public administrations as well as organizations and businesses.

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