GeoGebra Conference 2009

Event date:
Published on: 07/12/2011

The first international GeoGebra conference will provide researchers, developers, and teachers with an occasion to meet and discuss about their experiences and ideas concerning GeoGebra. The main goal of this two days conference is to to find out the direction and vision the GeoGebra community should take in the future.

The conference will be organised in a working group format. Each working groups will deal with a specific topic: software development and open source, online systems and open educational resources, GeoGebra in primary schools, GeoGebra in secondary schools, GeoGebra at universities and in teacher education, and GeoGebra institutes & research.

Each group will engage in discussions for two days, report their ideas/findings to other groups at the end of the conference, and write up these issues after the conference. To participate in the conference, people have to choose a working group and submit some sentences about their ideas or experiences (1-3 pages). All proposals will be accepted, as the goal of the conference is to share ideas with the GeoGebra community.

If people are interested in the GeoGebra conference but they cannot attend it, they can send their ideas by email to one of our working group chairs. Further information can be found on the conference website.


Physical location
Hagenberg im Mühlkreis - Linz