Galician geo-project co-finan…

Galician geo-project co-financed by EU’s Regional Development Fund

Published on: 27/06/2012

Coresig, software for developing Geographic Information Systems, is currently being used in developing a Galician GIS project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The software project aims at creating a geo-tool that will facilitate the decision-making processes in urban planning.

The company that originally developed the open source Coresig, Avansig , won the subsidy granted specifically for this project by the General Innovations Technological Secretary for Enterprise Cooperation in Galicia. The funding, co-financed by the European fund, aims at promoting digital enterprise in the Galician region.  A second firm, Fernandez Carballada, will provide the requirements and give support on urban planning.

Coresig intends to provide a set of reusable components, so-called core assets, and production tools. These facilitate the development of GIS applications. Coresig Modules, available on Joinup, is one such group of components. It provides functionalities that facilitate the management of GIS databases.   Coresig project started in January 2011. Its first version was released in October 2011. The approximate cost of the development of the software’s first version was about 50,000 euro. The developers estimate that it costs 18,000 euro annually to maintain the project.    More information:   CoreSIG Modules on Joinup    Developer’s CoreSIG website