InGeoCloudS User Needs Questi…

InGeoCloudS User Needs Questionnaire

Published on: 02/01/2014

InGeoCloudS is an open cloud-based infrastructure providing competitive and efficient solutions for creating, publishing, sharing, disseminating and aggregating spatially referenced data in-line with European INSPIRE recommendations. On top of the implementation of INSPIRE-compliant services for the publication of public environmental data, InGeoCloudS is also interested in fostering the development of Linked Open Data approaches. It will thus be possible, not only to store and share data, but also to query and visualize different data from various data providers as if they were integrated in a single repository. The pilots developed within the frame of the project demonstrate how various data providers from the public sector can easily integrate their geoscientific datasets and Web applications in this platform.

Further information can be found on the project’s website:


In the frame of this project, we are running a survey to help us better define our users’ needs:

And if like us, you would like to know more about what are other data providers and data users' needs, practices and expectations regarding online services for the publication, sharing and/or downloading of environmental data, take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire and ask to know about the results.