ZOO-Project 1.6.0 has been re…

ZOO-Project 1.6.0 has been released!

Published on: 20/02/2017
This release contain various modifications and bug fixes, the most important ones has been listed bellow:    * Install symbols.sym and updateStatus.xsl in dataPath  * Generate main.cfg setting dataPath to SHAREDSTATEDIR  * Fix to fetch default iotype when no value is provided  * Fixes for building with OTB 5.8 support and ITK 4.10  * Fix issue with nested xml Data  * Add the C# as a supported programming language for Services  * Add nested inputs and outputs support (WPS 2.0.0)  * Add servicePath special key to specify the service location  * Add the PHP version 7 support  * Add --with-etc-dir option to specify the location of the main.cfg file  * Support GDAL version 2.1.0.  * Add the MapServer 7.0.1 internal support.  * Support for exotic location of openssl.  * Add ZOO-Client API documentation reference in the official documentation.  * Add CORS support.  * Fix issue when dealing with Array in JavaScript support.  * Update the Centos installation procedure.  * Small fixes in java support.  * Fix issue when XML request contains empty nodes for inputs  * Add status update for contour lines computation  * Fix FASTCGI location using the --with-fastcgi option.  * Redefined the API function addToMapWithSize to fix problem with Python/PHP support.

City/Location: LATTES