The Test Registry and Repository (TRR) is aimed at supporting Test Beds for managing, archiving and sharing distributed Test Artefacts. The TRR is also used as a long-term archival platform for Test Resources.


The TRR contains Test Resources that are:

  • Actual Test Artefacts
  • References to Test Artefacts contained in other systems (for example in instances of Test Bed, or in instances of other repositories)
  • References to Test Beds and Test Tools 

In Joinup, a Test Resource is a particular Interoperability Solution and can be of one of the following types.

Type of Test Resource

Short description

Test Bed

consists of a test execution environment for Test Suites and the functionalities required for conformance and/or interoperability testing
Test Case an executable unit of verification and/or of interaction with an SUT, corresponding to a particular testing requirement, as identified in an eBusiness Specification
Test Suite defines a workflow of Test Case executions and/or Document Validator executions
Test Assertion  a testable or measurable expression - usually in plain text or with a semi-formal representation - for evaluating the adherence of an implementation (or part of it) to a normative statement in a specification
Document Assertion Set a package of artefacts used to validate a Business Document, typically including one or more of the following: a schema (XML), consistency rules, codelists, etc. These artefacts are generally machine-processable
Messaging Adapter specialized for messaging protocol stacks such as ebXML Messaging, Web Services with SOAP or REST, AS2, and the underlying transports: SMTP, HTTP, etc.
Document Validator responsible for validating the content of the documents retrieved from the Messaging Adapters in terms of both structure and semantic such as EDI: ANSI, EDIFACT, XML


The TRR features are similar to the features of a registry and a repository, where storage, retrieval and search are the main features. In the TRR, actual Test Resources and their reference can be created, modifed and deleted as well as they can be searched. 


A typical search to which the TRR will answer is:

  • Which Test Resources are available for a specific context and a specific testing purpose?

  • Context = Industry A, Country B, e-business specification C, role D (an actor in the e-business specification)

  • Testing purpose = validation or simulation

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