About GNU Health Hospital Information System

GNU Health HMIS component for Health Practitioners, Health Institutions and Governments.

Its modular design allows to be deployed in many different scenarios: from small private offices, to large, national public health systems. It covers the functionality of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management and Health Information System (HIS).

GNU Health HMIS component is standard-based, and it provides over 40 packages/modules (primary care, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, lims, genetics, diagnostic imaging, reporting...) to fit your institution needs. The GH HMIS combines the socioeconomic determinants of health with state-of-the-art technology in bioinformatics and clinical genetics. It manages the internal processes of a health institution, such as financial management, billing, stock management, pharmacies or labs (LIMS)



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GNU Solidario
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