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About GovTech Connect

This Collection is the virtual home of the GovTech Connect and the GovTech4all Communities, a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing, serving as an information hub for the entire European GovTech marketplace.

The Community is part of the GovTech Connect pilot project “Fostering digitisation of public sector and green transition in Europe through the use of an innovative European GovTech platform” for the European Commission.

Govtech4all is a GovTech Incubator where governments come together to adopt the best technological solutions developed from startups and other governments anywhere in Europe.

What is GovTech Connect?

GovTech Connect is a is a multi-year, cross-border project, created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission, that entails a variety of initiatives convening and mobilising the GovTech innovation ecosystem - bringing together SMEs, public and private GovTech gamechangers, investors, civil society, academia and NGOs to create solutions with lasting impact.

The GovTech Connect pilot project is part of a widespread array of programmes supported by the European Commission, exploring how governments are harnessing latest technologies. You can find more information about these initiatives by clicking here:

Specifically, GovTech Connect will spread the word and share content about:

  1. GovTech market trends in Europe
  2. European GovTech initiatives
  3. Design thinking methodology and citizen engagement for GovTech solutions development

As part of these activities, GovTech Connect will see the launch of four European Boot camps to best prepare GovTech start-ups for collaboration with the public sector, as well as co-creative solution design with citizensWebinars, workshops and other events will be occasions for networking and knowledge sharing.

The activities will be carried out by a consortium led by Intellera Consulting, with partners PUBLIC, Lisbon Council and Politecnico di Milano.

The GovTech Connect project marks a major milestone in the advancement of the GovTech agenda to empower and accelerate public sector innovation across Europe (and beyond).

What is GovTech4All?

GovTech4All is the first round of implementation of the GovTech4All Framework Partnership Agreement, supported by the Digital Europe programme

GovTech4All unites 21 GovTech organisations across 14 European countries to establish a cohesive European GovTech community and market through innovative procurement processes, facilitating startup access and promoting cross-border reuse of the best solutions for government adoption.

In this vein, the project focuses on implementing three pilot projects:

  1. Securing information in cross-border data spaces 
  2. Assisting EU citizens in obtaining social benefits with personal regulation assistants
  3. A startup challenge for innovative procurement.
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