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But how do we attract startups to help solve it?

So, the public sector has a challenge:

Published on: 27/05/2024 News

In a recent Café session, stakeholders involved in the GovTech4all initiative delved into the strategies and potential challenges for scouting for innovative startups and solutions that can meet the challenges pitched by the public sector.

Ana Lomba
Ana Lomba, Innovation analyst from Beta-i

The GovTech Startup Challenge for innovative procurement is a GovTech4all pilot to test an open innovation process and innovative procurement at a cross border European level. Six local and regional governments have now pitched their challenges and the Open call to find matching startups has begun.

Scouting Strategy Defined

Ana Lomba, Innovation analyst from Beta-i (Beta-i is a collaborative innovation consultancy, experts in accelerating innovation journeys), started by defining the scouting strategy as a systematic approach to identifying and engaging with potential innovative startups or solutions that address specific challenges faced by the public sector. It involves conducting thorough research, evaluating potential candidates, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders to ensure the selection of the most suitable solutions. Furthermore, the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem where startups can thrive and collaborate.

Navigating Initiatives and Startups with Precision and Support

The scouting strategy involves a series of steps, including defining responsibilities, preparing a timeline, anticipating risks and challenges, and developing dissemination methods to reach the target audience effectively. The process begins with internal scouting efforts, leveraging existing databases and networks to identify potential candidates. Additionally, partnerships and collaborations are essential for expanding reach and accessing diverse networks.

The timeline provided outlines key milestones, such as the open call launch, pre-application phase, and startup conversion process. Each phase is carefully planned to ensure timely execution and maximum participation. Communication plays a crucial role throughout the process, with regular updates and reminders to engage potential applicants and guide them through the application process.

The strategy emphasizes the importance of supporting startups throughout the journey, particularly during the formal application phase. Partnerships with municipalities and dedicated support mechanisms, aim to alleviate concerns and ensure a smooth transition for startups navigating the public sector landscape.

Strategic Dissemination Blueprint

Central to the scouting strategy is the preparation of a comprehensive dissemination plan. This plan includes various communication channels and tactics to reach potential startups and solution providers effectively. From email templates to streaming events, the initiative aims to create multiple touchpoints to engage and inform the target audience.

The timeline provided in the conversation outlines a structured roadmap for the scouting process. From the opening of the call for startups to the formal application phase, each step is meticulously planned to ensure timely execution and maximum participation. This clear timeline provides a framework for stakeholders to align their efforts and resources efficiently.

Communication emerges as a recurring theme throughout the scouting strategy. Regular updates, reminders, and personalized support mechanisms are designed to keep potential applicants engaged and informed. This proactive communication approach aims to address concerns, answer questions, and guide startups through the application process effectively.

Amplifying Impact Through Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships play a significant role in amplifying the reach and impact of the scouting efforts. By leveraging existing networks and collaborating with external partners, the initiative can access a broader pool of startups and solution providers. This collaborative approach enhances diversity, fosters innovation, and strengthens the ecosystem as a whole. 

In the Café session all partners underscored the importance of collaboration and using their platforms to help the local and regional governments to reach startups or solutions that address their specific challenges. 

GovTech4all's Approach to Driving Public Sector Innovation

Ultimately, the scouting strategy outlined in the conversation reflects a holistic and strategic approach to driving innovation in the public sector. By combining clarity, anticipation, communication, and collaboration, the initiative aims to attract, engage, and support the most promising startups and solutions. This concerted effort holds the potential to address pressing challenges, drive meaningful change, and unlock new opportunities for societal impact. As the GovTech4all initiative progresses, it will be exciting to see how these strategies unfold and contribute to the broader goals of innovation and transformation in the public sector.



In this blog post, we've captured the essence of the GovTech4all Café Session, highlighting key discussions, insights, and collaborative opportunities. If you have any further questions or suggestions for collaboration, feel free to reach out and join the conversation!