About Global Product Classification (GPC)

The Global Product Classification (GPC) is part of the GS1 System of supply chain standards. GPC is the chosen standard classification system for the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

The GDSN is a standard based global environment that enables secure and continuous data synchronisation in order to have consistent item data in the systems at the same time. Indeed, it is a need for both sellers and buyers to group products the same way in order to ensure effective data synchronisation in the GDSN. This provides product search, view, and validation, publication and subscription match.  

The benefits of GPC are:

• Supports buying programmes by allowing buyers to pre-select groups of applicable products
• Provides a common language for category management thus speeding up the ability to react to consumer needs
• Eliminates redundant activities and improves data integrity and accuracy of product set-up, maintenance and catalogues
• Can be cross-referenced to existing proprietary trading partner classification systems
• Enables potential usage of Point Of Sale (POS) data consolidation

  Note: Only products classified according to GPC will be registered in the GS1 Global Registry.  

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