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gvsig-bpd 1.3.0 1.3.0 Switch to the latest release

Published on: 27/10/2009 Last update: 01/07/2024 Archived

package : gvsig-bpd
processor type : Any,Any

gvSIG Business Process Definition RELEASE NOTES =============================================== | | Summary of use cases implemented after delivery of version 1.0 (build200906110445) ================================================================================== - The application now automatically creates in the Plone Site an instance of ModelDDvlPloneTool, if one does not exist yet. - Export an element as .zip archives with information in a character encoded (utf8) .xml file, and plone binary content as separate files. - Import into an element as .zip archives with .xml file and binary content. - Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete on elements, or groups of elements. - When pasting a Business Rule into a collection of Business Policies, refactor the Business Rule into a Business Policy, and vice-versa. Same for Reception/Input, Sends/Outputs, Tool/Artefact, Organizational Unit/Profile. - Create a new Version as a copy of a whole root organization and its contents, maintaining traceability links from elements in the new version to elements in the previous version. - Standard Plone actions are intercepted or aliased to maintain a tight contron on application instances. | | ------------------------------ | | version --------------- | | **RESOLVED** USEX 02 Present at the bottom of each page the Footer with credits for the application project USEX 04 Intercept the actions select_default_page and selectViewTemplate | | **KNOWN BUGS** - None unresolved - | | **POSTPONED** *To 1.1* COMU 02 Edit and publish pages to present the gvSIG-bpd product to OSOR communities DOCU 01 Edit and publish gvSIG-bpd user documentation DOCU 02 Edit and publish gvSIG-bpd install documentation DOCU 03 Edit and publish gvSIG-bpd administration documentation | | *To 1.2* IMOF01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneMOF application to define o.o. information structures | | *To 1.3* IRDB01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneRDB appto define | | *To 1.4* IBMM01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneBMM application to define business motivation models | | *To 1.5* IPAG01 Integrate with gvSIG Plone service to assemble as a single page a complete network of gvSIG-bpd specification | | ------------------------------ | |

Last update: 24/10/2019

Last update: 24/10/2019