gvsig-bpd 1.6.0 1.6.0

13 years ago

package : gvsig-bpd
processor type : Any,Any

gvSIG Business Process Definition RELEASE NOTES =============================================== | | version --------------- | | **RESOLVED** IMPO01 Import elements from zip archive with XML file and binary content REFA 12 Refactoring: Copy more than one element from the same container | | **KNOWN BUGS** Derivation in the Textual view of a business process, of composite string field with business process step details does not convert its element strings to Unicode | | **POSTPONED** CHGS03 Implement changes of editorial impact on gvSIG-bpd EXPO02 Export textual views of an element and its contents as HTML pages in a (g)zip archive FEAT04 Show transitively reachable influencers or influenced elements IBMM01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneBMM application to define business motivation models IMOF01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneMOF application to define o.o. information structures IPAG01 Integrate with gvSIG Plone service to assemble as a single page a complete network of gvSIG-bpd specification IRDB01 Integrate into gvSIG-bpd the ModelDDploneRDB application to define o.o. information structures PLAT01 Port to Plone 3.x REFA 02 Refactoring: Move elements to a different containing collection | | ------------------------------ version --------------- | | **RESOLVED** EXPO01 Export element as XML and zipped with binary content INIT01 Add Product ModelDDvlPlone as pre-requisite of gvSIG-bpd INIT02 Automatically initialize root BPDOrganizacion instances REFA 10 Refactoring: Create a Tool from an Artefact and vice-versa UI BPDProcesoDeNegocioSimple::Fields not sorted as specified in the model INIT 03 Automatically create instance of ModelDDvlPloneTool REFA 09 Intercept and handle Plone paste action REFA 01 Refactoring: Create a Business Policy from a Business Rule and vice-versa REFA 06 Refactoring: Create Sends from Outputs and vice-versa REFA 11 Refactoring: Create an Organizational Unit from an Profile and vice-versa REFA 05 Refactoring: Create Receptions from Inputs and vice-versa | | ------------------------------ version 1.0 --------------- | | **RESOLVED** ETTY25 Exception Handler Step ETTY24 Step with Exceptions ETTY23 Step with Next steps ETTY22 Step with Previous steps | | ------------------------------ version 0.9 --------------- | | **RESOLVED** ETTY00 Model ETTY01 Organization ETTY02 Business Policy ETTY03 Business Rule ETTY04 Business Process ETTY05 Participant ETTY06 Profile ETTY07 Organizational Unit ETTY08 Artefact ETTY09 Tool ETTY10 Input ETTY11 Output ETTY12 Minimal Step ETTY13 General Step ETTY14 Final Success ETTY15 Final Failure ETTY16 Deadline ETTY17 Simple Step ETTY18 Decision ETTY19 SubProcess ETTY20 Reception ETTY21 Send ETTY26 Element ETTY27 With Adoption ETTY28 Adoption State ETTY29 Enforcement Level UI01 Define model traversals for User Interface Views I19N01 Translate all model elements into English language | | ------------------------------