gvsig-bpd 1.7.0 1.7.0

13 years ago

package : gvsig-bpd
processor type : Any,Any

gvSIG Business Process Definition RELEASE NOTES =============================================== | | version --------------- | | **RESOLVED** DEPL01 Deploy preproduction server at ModelDD.org Derivation in the Textual view of a business process of composite string field with business process step details does not convert its element strings to Unicode ETTY 26v02 Element with owner path and fully qualified name ETTY 30 Auditable entities ETTY 31 Steps with Step Estimations ETTY 32 Steps with Start and End timing constraints ETTY26x1 Element with registry of fields pending translation and translation review FWRK 01 Supporting relationships for framework SUC SUC 22 Create a new version of a Model Instance FWRK 02 Supporting fields and relationships for framework SUC 21 Create Translation of a Model Instance into a new Language. REFA 02 Refactoring: Move elements to a different containing collection REFA 03 Refactoring: Create sub-process and business process from a subset of process steps REFA 04 Refactoring: Inline steps from a sub-process in the current process REFA 07 Refactoring: Create Business Rule from Condition Step text REFA 08 Refactoring: Embed the text of a Business Rule into a Condition Step REFA 13 Refactoring: Allow to copy the root organization SUC01 Create a new version of a root organization UI BPDProcesoDeNegocioSimple::Fields not sorted as specified in the model USEX 03 Conflicting default Plone actions must be intercepted aliased or disabled | | **KNOWN BUGS** - None unresolved - | | **POSTPONED** USEX 02 Present at the bottom of each page the Footer with credits for the application project TEST01 Test complete application CHGS03 Implement changes of editorial impact on gvSIG-bpd | | ------------------------------