New/Nuevo build gvSIG3D build 16 for gvSIG V1.10

Published on: 16/12/2010

A new build (16) of gvSIG3D and Animation has been created from **. ** **It has been generated a complete gvSIG 1.10 + 3D +Sextante+ Navtable + ECW +Sid version for MacOSX working on Leopard and Snow Leopard (build number 1264mac).** * Fixed bug with JAI installer in windows. * Fixed Gdal compilation for Mac OSX. * osgVirtualPlanets update (osgVP-2.2.3) * Added Zoom to layer OSG * Added wired visualization tool. * Adapted maximum subdivision level to maximum raster resolution in elevation layers. * Improvements and bug fixes in animation extension. * Fixed bugs in extDockinSkin (during the CodeSprint). * Support for .3dc format. * Multiple minor bugfixes and stabilization fixes. A new tag has been created:

SubprojectVersion3D - 0.1.0
VersiongvSIG - 1.10.0