ELLE: Legends Locator are not loaded

Published on: 11/04/2011

The structure of the table _map_overview, used to save the layers of the locator is: mapa | nombre_capa | schema | posicion But what is saved in the field nombre_capa is the tablename. The trouble here is that in the table _map_overview_style what is saved is the layername, then if the user change the layerName (instead of use the tablename as is) the application can not match the layer with the legends of the overview. So, * A new column should be added to _map_overview table: ALTER TABLE schema._map_overview ADD COLUMN nombre_tabla character varying; * The attached patch use this column to handle correctly this issue. Also handles that if the column nombre_tabla does not exist what is save in the field layerName of the table _map_overview_style is the tablename, this allows to make the matching