About gvSIG Fonsagua

The International Cooperation Program, called «Fonsagua», is being developed during 2008-2012 period. One of the main tools is the «Plan de Gestión Integral del Recurso Hídrico» which is used to study, design and planing actions in a community and council level. That actions are framed taking into account the next guidelines

  • Building water and sanitation systems
  • Communities and local institutions empowerment
  • Spread the use of appropriate technology and sustainable models

Along the process, the technicians have to manage several sources of data and analyzing them to generate some alternatives. After that, both technicians and communities make a decision about which one is the better.

gvSIG Fonsagua aim is to integrate in an unique tool the capabilities for those technicians to gather, analyze and get information in the context of Water and Sanitation programs. Before its development, those processes were being made by using several different tools in a highly manual process

  • Microsoft Access Database: to introduce and store alphanumeric information
  • ArcGIS: to introduce, store and analyze geographical information
  • Microsoft Excel: to analyze the information collected from later two applications

Using Free Software allowed us to integrate the working methodology in an unique tool, as long as reduce the economic cost of the project. Besides, introducing all the information in a geographical information system, has fostered its analysis and made the work for the technician easier.


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