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Make navtable to behave as the info tool: open when select feature

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Published on: 12/09/2011 Discussion Archived

Add an own information tool to get data from indicated geometry. I know is a subtle feature but the reasons are this: gvSIG info tool opens its own window and maybe NavTable shouldn't have to depend on selected item ( -» select+check selected). I.e. I'm looping through selected features but I want to get length info of another simple feature in another layer so I open another NavTable window, but if I select this feature then I loose other selected features, no matter it's a new instance of NavTable. Maybe the behaviour of this info tool should have to be get info of the topmost item indicated no matter what layer is active.




adrian (not verified) Mon, 12/09/2011 - 00:52

I think this issues are closely related: [#14575] FeatureRequest: "Only Selected" by default [#14247] Open a navtable instance for every selected layer in the TOC