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SEMIRAMIS Newsletter

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Published on: 23/03/2012 Last update: 10/04/2012 Document Archived

Welcome to the second newsletter of SEMIRAMIS.

While our first newsletter centered on SEMIRAMIS in terms of objectives and challenges in the context of identity management for mobile citizens, this second newsletter moves from the architectural work we did in 2011 to the exercises and piloting work started in the second half of 2011 and extending into 2012.

We deployed the full set of use cases of eDoc for Citizens, the first SEMIRAMIS scenario, and in October 2011, started the first phase of testing in order to get feedback and to better understand the potential impact and the perceived usefulness of SEMIRAMIS from REAL users.

The second piloting has also just started! Turn to pages 4, 5 and 6 to read about the results from both testing sessions and check out the possibilities of joining our piloting phase on page 6!

We also would like to provide an insight on the achievements of the second year of SEMIRAMIS, and an overview of the current activities as well as of the future challenges for 2012

Turn to page 2 to learn more.

Since SEMIRAMIS is a project foused on the secure management of data across borders, one of the major challenge for us is related to privacy and data control.

During these last months we have conducted an extensive investigation, both from the technical and the administrative points of view, of the privacy issues and the requirements that we will need to take into account.

Turn to page 7 to read about how we will manage the privacy funcionalities in order to guarantee a high level of security and privacy.

Being a project which makes of “privacy by default” itsconditio sine qua non, SEMIRAMIS has followed with particular attention the evolution of the Reform of Data Protection Rules proposed on the 25th of January by the European Commission. This reform aims to strengthen online privacy rights and will definitely impact the way users’ data is collected, accessed and processed. How will SEMIRAMIS be affected by this reform? We asked Dr. Julian Valero, Data Privacy expert from the University of Murcia to provide us further information about the new scenario on privacy regulations and the impact on SEMIRAMIS. Turn to pages 8 and 9 to read the interview.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of the SEMIRAMIS Newsletter!

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