Spain - Colombia presents a M…

Spain - Colombia presents a Master on security and ICT La

Published on: 21/10/2012

16 th october 2012

The Autonomous University of Madrid and the Institute of Audit & Information Technology Governance (IAITG), with headquarters in Barcelona, presented today in Bogota the Master in audit, security, Government and law of the ICT, which aims to train professionals in the modernization of the State and enterprises.The director of the IAITG, Antoni Bosch, told Efe that this postgraduate course has as main feature “the collaboration of a public educational institution, the University, and a private institution, the IAITG”.”And added that”the differential factor”is that the autonomous involves three higher education Center: the Polytechnic School, the Faculty of law and the Faculty of Economics and business

“.”Is a multidisciplinary masters, which brings together the engineering and law and, above all, how is that handled”, which leads to the ’governance of ICT’ (information and communication technologies).According to Bosch, a part of the program is dedicated to “security, control, internal and external auditing and then there are two branches of the law, which are the administrative, with what means for the protection of data, and the criminal”.And what is new is “good governance of ICTs”, he insisted.The director of the IAITG also explained that in Colombia the learning of these skills is in vogue, by the changes taking place at the moment.In that regard, he mentioned the current peace process between the Government of Colombia and the guerrillas of the FARC, which in his view, of achieving a final agreement, “will involve an economic boom”.”And above all, he added, is about to adopt a law on protection of personal data”.Earlier, in an interview with Efe, responsible for the protection of personal data of the Superintendence of the Ministry of industry and trade of Colombia, Jose Alejandro Bermúdez, said that the Bill already has the approval of the Constitutional Court and is awaiting presidential approval, which is expected to be held before the end of the year.This law, according to Bermudez, “absolutely broadens the scope of protection of that right and actually achieves a comprehensive protection”.Bosch, on the other hand, commented that this legislation “will have consequences on organisational level both technological and legal firms, and to apply to private enterprise and the public institution”.”Will need professionals who have technical training”, he insisted.These challenges that are presented to Colombia, according to the director of the IAITG, for example relate to “the modernization of the administration of Justice”.Also with the medical records of hospitals and Health Center, so that access to the records is more efficient, and finally for the protection of minors.And all “in a technological environment”, which, he said, “is sometimes strange and hostile”, why “must train people”.