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Published on: 11/02/2013

The SEMIRAMIS project developed a pilot infrastructure supporting the cross/borders exchange of information among private and public organizations with the aim of simplify Citizen’s life in three contexts: telco, academic and e-government.


The pilot infrastructure has been developed in the context of task SEMIRAMIS Pilot Deployment. The current document contains the manuals that have been created to document the installation, configuration usage and extension of the SEMIRAMIS common components. This document covers common components only, i.e. Federation Proxy, Identity Aggregator, Policy Management and Audit.


The aim of this document is to present some low level details about the SEMIRAMIS common components.


The document content has been divided in three main parts within sections from 2 to 4. Section 2 contains the User Manual, it describes the behaviour of graphical interfaces that have been created for SEMIRAMIS users (both end-users and administrators) to interact with common components.

Section 3 contains the Service Provider manual, it describes the installation and configuration procedures that should be followed by administrators willing to add new common components to a SEMIRAMIS-enabled infrastructure.


Section 4 contains the Best Practice manual, it describes the extension points that have been provided by common components developers to extend the actual code and integrate them into organizational specific applications. Section 4 also contains some considerations about the best practices that developers should follow while extending and integrating the SEMIRAMIS common components.




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