Next steps

So what’s the plan? Learn about the next steps.


So far the European Catalogue is a prototype, a concept demonstrator.  The first priority is to finalise the needs. The prototype proposes needs in four domains. Surveys and targeted workshops will be organised to finalise the needs in procurement by end 2017.


The Commission will launch a tender early 2018 to finalise the prototype by end 2018 and build a community. Additional domains may be added in 2018. In terms of contents, the following improvements are planned : 

- map the list of standards currently available in excel sheets to joinup pages (one for each technical specification or standard). This will give more information and where available, the CAMSS assessments will be provided.

- add references to strategic procurement resources

- extend the range of national resources (best practices, guidelines, etc..)

- link to digital skills

- complete the information on licensing for the technical specifications


Brochures are in preparation and will be posted on the home page.


The Commission is considering an initiative on the professionalisation of the procurement of digital.