Software Entitlement Management Framework Rev 1.0

The objectives of the ODCA Software Entitlement Management Framework include the following:
• Optimize efficiency. Maximize the value gained from software entitlement investment and provide a basis for cost control through commercial dynamics and dialogue, at an affordable price. Standardize the commercial dynamics to shorten the time taken to negotiate compliant and effective contracts.
• Reduce risk. Manage and minimize the risks of noncompliance with software entitlement requisites and licensing agreements resulting in compliance and safety. This approach includes specifying the requirements for monitoring compliance, as well as enabling ISV support and maintenance of the software elements.
• Simplify use. Simplify the cloud subscriber’s transition into and ongoing use of cloud services and improve the flexibility of software utilization to increase business benefits. This approach involves removing the barriers posed by software licensing schemes across in-house and cloud deployments, minimizing administrative overhead associated with entitlement management processes, and recommending software
entitlement models designed for scalable and dynamic cloud deployments. Additionally, alignment of the ISVs to a cohesive model to support management and simultaneous reporting of multiple software products (within a single system) driven by different entitlement criteria also aids simplification.
The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) Software Entitlement Management Framework recommends requirements, processes, and practices for effective management of software entitlements in enterprise-grade cloud deployments and is targeted to serve the needs of software consumers and software providers.


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