ifc-sdk 1.0.0-beta3 1.0.0-beta3

10 years ago

Changes :

  • Made building tests optionnal, CMake option ENABLE_TESTING
  • Enabled precompiled headers on all platforms, CMake option ENABLE_PRECOMPILED_HEADER, refactored contribution from Kike GARCIA (VisualARQ) although they don't mention using this sdk ;-)
  • Added options to create static libraries, CMake option STATIC_LIBRARIES
  • Install Microsoft Visual debug information (pdb) in Debug mode
  • Step::SPFReader and Step::SPFWriter now take [i|o]streams instead of filenames to read/write to, this enables wider range of reading/writing schemes (zip archives, streaming, etc.)
  • Step::String corrections on the \X\ encoding
  • Added a progress callback to Step::SPFReader and Step::SPFWriter
  • Added virtual keyword to copy operator and non-const method