Single Interoperability Assessment Gateway

The Single Interoperability Assessment Gateway (SIAG) provides a single point of access to all ISA² interoperability assessment solutions. These solutions help public administrations to design, develop, implement, evaluate and to improve the interoperability of their digital public services and of its various components.

The aim of the Gateway is to allow users to find in one click the right solution – free of charge  – that they need for their specific situation.

What is in for you

The Gateway helps you to discover and to use the ISA² interoperability assessment solutions by:

  • Showing in one view all interoperability assessment solutions and tools developed by ISA²
  • Guiding you to the interoperability assessment solution(s) relevant for you
  • Providing you with key characteristics and information on the solution and tool
  • Illustrating their use with concrete examples
  • Giving you direct access to the latest release of the solution to get started  

For whom

You are...

You need to...

That's the right solution for you!

IT Software/ Application Architect and Developer

Design, develop and assess an interoperable software solution for a digital public service


IT Requirements Manager

Analyse and assess the functionalities of a To-Be digital public service


IT Solutions Portfolio Manager

Gather insights for the governance of a portfolio of interoperable solutions for digital public services




Public Procurement Officer

Identify standards and specifications for an interoperable digital public service





Public Service Owner

Diagnose the behavioural interoperability maturity level of a digital public service



Get insights on the interoperability maturity of digital public services and address gaps and challenges for a future-proof, evidence-based policy-making




* L,O,S,T: Legal, Organisational, Semantic and Technical specialisations of IMAPS.

Discover our solutions


Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service

Interoperability Quick Assessment Toolkit

Common assessment method for standards and specifications

Interoperability Test Bed

You look for a solution to:      

Diagnose the interoperability maturity of a digital public service regarding behavioural aspects and identify improvement opportunities

Quickly assess the potential interoperability of a solution supporting a digital public service in structural terms (interoperability governance and software architecture).

Assess standards and specifications for the design and development of interoperable systems supporting the public service.

Validate content or perform self-service conformance testing of an IT system against one or more technical or semantic specifications.

That's it!      
IMAPS allows you to test the EIF conformance of your digital public services (front- or back-office) from a behavioural perspective.

IQAT allows public service owners to evaluate the structural interoperability maturity level of their digital public service.

CAMSS allows you to you to assess the conformance of your standards and specifications with the EIF or the interoperability requirements set out in the standardisation Regulation 1025/2012.

By testing conformance against configured interoperability specifications (semantic or technical), ITB allows you thus to also test the EIF conformance of your IT system implementation.

You will get...      

IMAPS provides you with an online self-assessment questionnaire (EUSurvey) and guidelines.

IMAPS produces an interoperability maturity score and recommendations.

IMAPS is available in specialised versions which allow you to focus on legal (LIMAPS), organisational (OIMAPS), semantic (SIMAPS) and technical (TIMAPS) behavioural interoperability aspects of your digital public service.

IQAT provides you with an online self-assessment questionnaire (EUSurvey) and guidelines.

IQAT produces an interoperability maturity score and recommendations.

CAMSS provides you a method for assessing the interoperability of standards and specifications.

CAMSS produces a catalogue of assessments with reports.

ITB provides you with online (or on-premise) data validators and a conformance testing platform.

ITB produces conformance testing reports and certificates.

Start now!      

Download the latest release of IMAPS v1.2.0.

Complete the IMAPS online survey.

For more information, please visit IMAPS on Joinup.

Download the latest release of IQAT (v2.0.0).

Complete the IQAT online survey

For more information, please visit IQAT on Joinup. 

Download the latest release of CAMSS v3.0.0.

For more information, please visit CAMSS on Joinup.

Use the shared ISA2 instance or download the ITB’s latest software release (v1.9.1).

For more information, please visit ITB on Joinup.

Get inspired!      

IMAPS was used for the interoperability maturity assessment of the European mobility job portal (EURES), e-justice portal and various digital public services of European public administrations (e.g. e-health information service, online tax payment service, social care online application, online public procurement service).

IQAT was used for the interoperability assessment of a solution that facilitates the exchange of structured electronic documents.

CAMSS was used for SAML 2.0, OWL 2, Oauth 2.0, OAS 3.0 and Assessment of the Open Standards for Linking Organizations (OSLO2).

ITB is used by numerous projects including the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eInvoicing, the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), Business Registers Interconnection Systems (BRIS), Insolvency Registers Interconnection (IRI), Interoperability Model for Land Registers (IMOLA), European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA) and DCAT Application Profiles for Europe (DCAT-AP).