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Comment OECD's AI primer

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OECD) is calling for comments on its AI Primer: deadline 1/09/2019

Published on: 24/08/2019
Last update: 30/08/2019

The Observatory of Innovation in Public Administration (OPSI) has been working to develop a “primer” on AI to help public leaders and civil servants navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with the technology to understand how it may help them achieve their missions.

This is the second primer of their series after the  “Blockchains Unchained” report which was the first working paper in a series intended to provide the public sector with an overview of the necessary knowledge about a specific emerging technology. 

This year OPSI has been working on an AI primer is all about providing clear and timely knowledge for the public sector audience and has opened a consultation on the current draft before releasing it. 


You are therefore welcome to share your comments, feedback, and contributions by 1 September 2019 by following the instructions here.