Emerging technologies in public procurement

Emerging technologies in public procurement

Published on: 11/06/2020

A study on the uptake of emerging technologies in public procurement is now available. This study examined how public authorities around the globe are using new technologies when procuring goods and services.

Covering technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data and data analytics, blockchain, robotic process automation, augmented and virtual reality, internet of things, and drones, the study features:

  • a list of 96 projects where these new technologies have been explored or used by public authorities for procurement in 68 countries (as of January 2020);
  • 20 detailed case studies presenting the issue addressed, impact, cost, requirements and risks of particularly interesting projects;
  • a final study report including a detailed analysis and conclusions. This document presents the overall approach and findings, including 10 recommendations for the application of emerging technologies to public procurement.

The results are now available here. You can find a short video on the study and its results. All information can be consulted based on the following search criteria:

  • EU or non-EU countries
  • type of technology
  • country
  • keywords
  • case study available, or not


The results were also shared with members of European workings groups related to digital procurement during two dedicated workshops. All feedback was very positive.

We invite you to share the study with your colleagues and inform us of any application of emerging technologies in public procurement that you may find relevant.  We will continue gathering experience and insights in this field to shape future policies and initiatives.

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