Innovative Public Services Framework

A multi-dimensional framework to evaluate the innovation potential of digital public services

Published on: 12/10/2020
Last update: 16/10/2020

Background and scope

IPS Framework The study A multi-dimensional framework to evaluate the innovation potential of digital public services, was conceived in line the Work Programme of the Innovative Public Services Action of the ISA2 Programme of DIGIT.

The main outcome of the research is an original multi-dimensional framework for evaluating the interoperability readiness of digital public services.

The framework was conceptualised and tested in the context of desk and field research on available evidence to support European Public Administrations willing to embrace new digital technologies and deliver innovative public services according to the four layers of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and in alignment with the user centricity principles defined in the Tallinn Declaration (2017).

Main Outcomes 

The results of the research show that organisational and legal aspects not only need to support the digital transformation but they must be in its core as an essential part of the next EU Governments Interoperability Strategy, so to guarantee adoption of innovative public services and societal impact.

The framework proposed in this report, and validated against a number of concrete cases and promising pilots in EU Member States, serve to evaluate the innovation potential of digital services in terms of their comprehensive interoperability and user-centricity dimensions. It thus pave the way to further assess the potential feasibility to set up an EU Innovative Public Services Observatory (IPSO) as part of the cooperation between the Commission and Member States within the context of the Digital Europe programme.

Additional information

Project Manager:  Georges Lobo

The IPS online Community is located on Joinup