About e-Tendering content validation service

The e-Tendering content validation service is dedicated to the validation of e-Tenders. For further information read documentation at https://www.esens.eu/content/e-procurement


Several interfaces are available

  • A web interface, at: https://www.itb.ec.europa.eu/etendering/upload
    This validates uploaded SDBH headers for Profile 46 (the expression of interest and its confirmation). Validation through web form upload is provided to all users (i.e. via anonymous access) through the above link. Once a e-Tender is uploaded, it is validated and a detailed report is presented to the user that can be downloaded (in GITB TRL format) and cross-checked against the submitted content.
  • A SOAP web service for SBDH header validation, WSDL at: https://www.itb.ec.europa.eu/etendering/api/validation?wsdl
  • A tender can be validated via web service call to a GITB-compliant content validation service. 

    To facilitate use of the web service, a relevant SOAP UI test case is provided in e-Tendering-BIS-46-soapui-project.xml

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