About ESPD validation service

The ESPD validation service is dedicated to the validation of ESPD request and response documents. For further information read documentation at http://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/public-procurement/e-procurement/espd/


Several interfaces are available

  • A web interface, at: https://www.itb.ec.europa.eu/espd/upload
  • Validation through web form upload is provided to all users (i.e. via anonymous access) through the above link. Once a ESPD request and response document is uploaded, it is validated and a detailed report is presented to the user that can be downloaded (in GITB TRL format) and cross-checked against the submitted content.
  • A SOAP web service for ESPD request and response documents, WSDL at: https://www.itb.ec.europa.eu/espd/api/validation?wsdl 

    A ESPD request and response document can be validated via web service call to a GITB-compliant content validation service. 


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The ISA Programme
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