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Webinar: The Test Bed in support of cross-border data harmonisation

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Published on: 08/06/2017 Last update: 03/05/2021 Event Archived

The ISA² Programme of the European Commission is hosting a webinar to present the Interoperability Test Bed (ITB) focusing on its role in supporting the aggregation and harmonisation of data across borders. The ITB is a platform providing reusable testing facilities to initiatives and public administrations that create interoperability solutions in a cross-border context or linked to European Legislation.

In this webinar you will be able to find out what the ITB is, get information on its latest developments, and receive first-hand accounts from the testing community on how it is being used to support activities in the aggregation of business register data and European public service information.


When: Wednesday 28 June 2017 at 10:30 (Europe/Brussels time).

For who: This is a free webinar, anyone interested in conformance and interoperability testing is welcome to join.

How to join:

  1. Please register by sending a message via this link (no specific content needed).
  2. The webinar will be held online using WebEx. At the moment the webinar is set to start click here to connect.

The webinar is organised in the context of the ISA² action 2016.25. For further information, please contact Susanne Wigard, or via e-mail at mentioning “ISA test bed”.


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The following table presents the agenda for the webinar:


Dr. Susanne Wigard

ISA² Programme Manager – Action 2016.25 Interoperability Test Bed

Welcome message and introduction to the webinar.


Costas Simatos

Senior Solution Architect – Action 2016.25 Interoperability Test Bed

Introduction to ISA²’s Interoperability Test Bed service to inform on what it is and how it can be used to facilitate conformance and interoperability testing. This will include a brief demo to walk through a simple use case and showcase the test bed’s administration and monitoring features.


[Download presentation]


Vincent Dijkstra

Project Officer for BRIS - DG DIGIT

The Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) represents the ongoing effort to enable access at European level to company information registered in EU Member States and to exchange electronically business register information across borders. What is the overall status and key milestones for BRIS, and how is the ITB going to be used as its conformance testing platform?


[Download presentation]


Miguel Alvarez-Rodriguez

Programme Manager for ISA² Action 2016.29, Catalogue of Public Services - DG DIGIT

ISA² Action 2016.29 is leading the effort on the documentation and reuse of European public services by defining an aggregated and harmonised service catalogue at EU level. What is the current status of the Action and how is the ITB foreseen to be used to facilitate ongoing work?


[Download presentation]


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