Webinar: Using the Test Bed for validation and conformance testing

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Published on: 03/05/2021

This webinar is now complete. You can access here the slide decks used as well as the webinar's recording:

Note that the slide decks include contact information for any follow-up as well as all reference links to demonstrated services, documentation and further information.

The Interoperability Test Bed offers services and software components to realise a project's data validation and conformance testing needs. As part of this webinar the Test Bed team’s experts will explain the services it offers and use cases it enables, following a narrative that starts from validators and builds towards complete conformance testing. The webinar will also include practical demos providing live examples of the discussed services and selected use cases.

We will also have the opportunity to learn about interesting cases from National Public Administrations that are already using the Test Bed, with presentations by experts from the Flemish Information Agency and the German Open Data Portal.

Who should join?

Any member of a project dealing with semantic or technical specifications for which it would be required or beneficial to foresee validation or conformance testing.

No specific background is required to follow this webinar. The topics covered are technical in nature, but the discussion and demos will not go into technical details.

When and how to connect?

The webinar's connection details are listed below:

  • Date: The webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021, from 09h30 to 11h00 CET.
  • Connection: Click this meeting link to connect a few minutes prior to the webinar's start.
  • Registration: The webinar is publicly available but you are kindly requested to complete its registration form. Doing so will allow us to email you a connection reminder before the webinar starts and follow-up with the webinar's slides and video recording link.

The webinar will use Microsoft Teams but can be followed without software installations through your web browser. You should foresee a speaker or headset to receive audio. Questions can be raised through your microphone or via the meeting's chat.



[09h30 - 09h40]

Overview of the Interoperability Test Bed as part of the solutions developed under the ISA² Programme and introduction to the Test Bed's key service offerings.

Peter Burian and Costas Simatos (European Commission, DIGIT)

Content validation

[09h40 - 10h00]

Services in support of content validation with presentation of key use cases and usage options. Demo of validators in action and validator setup options.

Costas Simatos (European Commission, DIGIT)

OSLO case study

[10h00 - 10h15]

Use of the Test Bed's validators by the Flemish Information Agency in support of the OSLO standards.

Dwight Van Lancker and Bert Van Nuffelen (Flemish Information Agency)

DCAT-AP.de case study

[10h15 - 10h30]

Use of the Test Bed's validators by the German Open Data Portal for data aggregation based on DCAT-AP.de.

Christian Wittig (German Open Data Portal)

Conformance testing

[10h30 - 10h45]

The Test Bed's approach to conformance testing, its capabilities and main usage options. Demo of test session execution and monitoring through the Test Bed.

Costas Simatos (European Commission, DIGIT)

Q & A

[10h45 - 11h00]

Questions and open discussion with participants and presenters.



All times listed are in Central European Time (CET). Note that slot durations are indicative and may vary slightly as the webinar progresses.


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