Developer on-boarding guide

A new guide is available for test developers to explain how to start developing tests on the Test Bed

Published on: 26/04/2022

The Test Bed team has just published a new guide for test developers to introduce the key technical concepts involved in test development and get them started developing their project’s tests.

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When a new project becomes a Test Bed user the Test Bed team follows an on-boarding process to introduce its testing approach to the project’s management and developers. As part of this process the Test Bed team carries out a detailed proof-of-concept based on the project’s needs, that is subsequently shared with the project’s members and used as the basis of a technical handover workshop. During this workshop the Test Bed’s experts introduce key concepts, design practices and the proof-of-concept’s implemented test scenarios, so that the project’s technical team can proceed with its test development.

To facilitate these technical discussions, the Test Bed has now made available a new getting started guide for developers, dedicated to introducing its key technical concepts. This guide complements the existing rich technical documentation and developer guides by providing a simplified entry point, summarising the key concepts and technologies involved, design practices, and guidelines to set up a development environment.

Developer onboarding guide

The new developer on-boarding guide, part of the Test Bed’s series of online guides, is a natural complement to the Test Bed’s management on-boarding guide, aimed at project managers. Once a project’s management decides to begin using the Test Bed, the new guide offers a concise technical introduction to its developers, who with the support of the Test Bed team, can begin developing the project’s conformance tests.

Keep in mind nonetheless that the Test Bed does not offer only a conformance testing solution. For projects where content validation is more appropriate, the Test Bed already provides detailed getting-started guides that cover both the process involved as well as the detailed configuration and use of validators:

The latest developer on-boarding guide makes it easier to start developing tests using the Test Bed. Details on the Test Bed itself can be found in its Joinup space with its value proposition being a good starting point for newcomers. Finally, to remain updated of all the latest Test Bed news:

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