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Test Bed documentation in Joinup updated

Published on: 11/05/2020

The Test Bed's Joinup space has received a significant overhaul to better serve as its documentation hub and welcome page.

Test Bed

The Test Bed's entry point for new users has always been its space in Joinup. Although this included a good summary and the references for all important Test Bed resources, it could be too technical as a first contact. Taking into account comments received from the Test Bed's feedback survey, the Test Bed's Joinup space has now been fully redesigned to add a simplified introduction for newcomers and provide richer and better organised information.

Test Bed Joinup revamp

The new space's organisation groups content in several pages:

  • About: Offers a simplified description of the Test Bed and the needs it fulfills without going into technical details.
  • Detailed information: Extends the introduction with a detailed description on how the Test Bed works, its capabilities and key services.
  • Documentation and resources: Groups in a single page the references for all documentation and supporting resources.
  • Users: Offers an indicative user map of the Test Bed's users, highlighting how the Test Bed is being used.
  • Case study: Presents in depth a specific case where the Test Bed was used with great success.

It is interesting to note that the Test Bed's parent collection has also been revamped to better reflect its contained solutions and remove obsolete information.

Check out for yourself the Test Bed's new documentation space here. To remain updated of all the latest Test Bed news:

  • Join the Test Bed’s community and subscribe to its news feed using your favourite RSS reader.
  • Follow ISA²'s social media channels (TwitterLinkedIn) for updates on the Test Bed and other interoperability solutions.

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