ITB v1.12.0 released

New release: ISA² interoperability test bed software v1.12.0

Published on: 03/03/2021

A new version of the ISA² interoperability test bed software is now available.

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Version 1.12.0 of the ISA² interoperability test bed software, based on the GITB CWA specifications, is now released. This release focuses on the Test Bed’s test execution engine and the GITB Test Description Language to facilitate the development of complex test suites. The test case scriptlet concept has been significantly extended, allowing reusable blocks of test steps to be shared across test cases but also across test suites. Moreover, reusing common resources is now also possible for any kind of artefact, template or documentation content that may be imported by test cases, and is further facilitated by allowing a test suite to not include test cases itself but rather act as a resource holder for other test suites. Aside from such features focusing on sharing and reuse, this release also simplifies test suite validation and extends the test engine’s embedded processing capabilities with new options of working with timestamps, regular expressions and collection structures.

This new version is online in the ISA² interoperability test bed service but is also available for you to setup as a standalone instance.

Check out the full release information to see what's new.

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