ITB v1.16.0 released

Version 1.16.0 of the Interoperability Test Bed software is now available

Published on: 18/03/2022

A new version of the Interoperability Test Bed software is now available.

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Version 1.16.0 of the Interoperability Test Bed software, based on the GITB CWA specifications, is now released. This release introduces numerous changes for the test bed’s user interface as well as the internal test engine. The key feature of this release is the test bed’s new machine-to-machine API that allows test sessions to be launched and managed via REST calls. The execution approach of test sessions is also extended to allow parallel or sequential test execution, as well as a redesigned test execution display that offers execution options and simplified monitoring when running large numbers of tests. Monitoring of active test sessions is also extended to allow easier following of updates and an enhanced session log experience by automatically updating log entries, allowing log tailing, filtering of log levels, highlighting of entries based on severity, as well as indications for received log updates. Viewing the details of conformance statements is also improved by allowing users to search for specific tests and filter based on status, while improving the display of statements and their status overview.

Several new features and improvements have also been made to the test engine and the GITB Test Description Language. Key extensions include the support for custom test services to contribute to test session logs, and the ability to declare how test cases support parallel execution. These features are complemented by numerous minor extensions such as the support for namespace declarations to simplify XML processing, new means of checking test steps’ status, and the improvement of step progress logging. Finally, this release introduces bug fixes for reported issues and internal performance enhancements to increase test session throughput.

This new version is online in the Interoperability Test Bed service hosted by DIGIT but is also available for you to setup as a standalone instance.

Check out the full release information to see what's new.

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