New validator for BRegDCAT-AP

The Test Bed now offers a validator for RDF content based on the BRegDCAT-AP specification

Published on: 23/09/2020
Last update: 22/04/2021

ISA² Action 2016.28 “Access to Base Registries” has published through the Interoperability Test Bed a new validator for RDF content based on the BRegDCAT-AP specification.

Access to Base Registries

The Access to Base Registries Action is an initiative supported by the ISA² Programme (ISA2 Action 2016.28) that aims to assess and define a framework for Base Registry access. Base Registries are trusted and authoritative sources of information maintained by public administrations, that enforce the “once-only-principle” by reusing existing information in the delivery of services to citizens and businesses. Base Registries themselves can be grouped in a Registry of Registries, that offer further  harmonisation of Registries’ metadata, improving their discoverability, reuse, and access. To this effect the Access to Base Registries Action has driven through expert working groups the definition of the BRegDCAT-AP, a specification based on DCAT-AP, to facilitate Member States in creating such Registries of Registries. In July 2020, version 2.00 of the BRegDCAT-AP specification was published, a major milestone that also foresaw validation support to facilitate content creation and quality control.

Validation support for BRegDCAT-AP is now available, powered by the Interoperability Test Bed, by offering a validator that can check RDF content against the specification’s expectations, expressed as SHACL shapes. The validator, a service based on the Test Bed’s generic RDF validation capabilities, is public and can be used anonymously with no recorded data or validation reports. It is available via several channels:

BRegDCAT-AP validator (web UI)

Be sure to try out this new service and share any comments and feedback you may have with the ABR support team. Further information on the BRegDCAT-AP specification and the other activities of the Access to Base Registries Action is available on Joinup.

If you are part of a project defining a specification that could benefit from similar validation you are welcome to follow the Test Bed’s validation guides (currently for specifications based on XML, RDF and JSON) and get in touch with the Test Bed team. Further information on the Test Bed itself can also be found on Joinup, with the Test Bed's value proposition being an ideal starting point for newcomers. Finally, to remain updated of all the latest Test Bed news:

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