Test Bed in support of the OSLO standards

The Flemish Government’s OSLO validator is now powered by the Interoperability Test Bed

Published on: 26/05/2020
Last update: 22/04/2021

The Flemish Government is now using the Test Bed’s RDF validation service to power its OSLO validator.


Public services to citizens and entrepreneurs in Flanders are supported by various specialised applications from different software suppliers. The aim of the Open Standards for Linked Organizations (OSLO) is to ensure greater coherence, better understandability and increased discoverability of information and services. OSLO contains over 18 domain models consisting of 1000+ definitions made by more than 262 contributors from 107 organisations. The data standards are listed on https://data.vlaanderen.be/ns.

To support the OSLO application profiles, an online validator is available to check content against the standards’ expectations. These business rules are implemented as SHACL shapes, the standard means of applying quality control to RDF content.

OSLO validator

As of May 2020, the validator’s core has been replaced by the Test Bed’s RDF validator, a validator instance based on the Test Bed’s core RDF validation service and configured with the SHACL shapes for OSLO. This is set up as an internal on-premise instance that is called via its REST API from the application that realises the OSLO validator’s user interface to align with the Flemish Government’s look and feel guidelines. This setup offers an interesting use case, showing how a Test Bed validator can be integrated as part of an overall application landscape.

More information on OSLO is available on the Flemish Government’s portal, whereas information on the Test Bed and its RDF validation service can be found respectively in Joinup and the RDF validation guide. Finally, to remain updated of all the latest Test Bed news:

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