ISA² Interoperability Test Bed software 1.14.0

1 year ago

Version 1.14.0 of the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed software, based on the GITB CWA specifications, is now released. This is a limited release that adds better support for handling user interactions as part of test sessions. Inputs can now be provided using various controls, whereas data displayed to users can also be downloaded or displayed in syntax-sensitive editors. In addition, this release resolves several user-reported bugs.

This new version is online in the ISA² Interoperability Test Bed service but is also available for you to setup as a standalone instance. If a standalone instance best matches your needs, the following supporting resources are available:

If you are updating from a previous version, please follow the Test Bed's update guide.

Release Notes - Version 1.14.0

The following list summarises the issues included in this release, classified as bugs, improvements and new features. For more details click the issue key links (requires access to the test bed's issue tracker).


  • [ITB-986] - Test case presentation may not present separator line between a flow step's threads
  • [ITB-987] - Custom select-based organisation property does not trigger checks for dependencies when updated
  • [ITB-988] - When EU Login is in use community administrators cannot add new organisation users
  • [ITB-989] - User interaction test session steps with dropdown inputs may not record selected values
  • [ITB-991] - Organisation admins in communities with organisation update restrictions should always be able to manage their organisation's users
  • [ITB-992] - Popup to remove a user's role (when EU Login is used) does not display tooltips
  • [ITB-993] - Unable to access the profile options on very low resolutions

New Feature

  • [ITB-614] - Allow content editors presented to report on test execution to display content-specific highlighting


  • [ITB-645] - Support different types of text input fields in user interaction steps
  • [ITB-985] - Interact step instructions that are too large should be opened in an editor or downloaded
  • [ITB-990] - Enforce TLS 1.2 when connecting to a remote SMTP service over SSL