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The SHACL service, part of Interoperability Test Bed, validates RDF shapes, ensuring specification compliance. Supports web, SOAP, REST APIs, and offline validation for quality control in RDF projects. It is an EC solution.
European Commission / DG Informatics (DIGIT) - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²)
Supra-national authority

The Test Bed offers a SHACL shape validation service that can be used to validate the shapes used to drive validation against RDF specifications. This service represents a key quality-control step to ensure that a specification's published shapes and the conformance testing based on them is built over strong foundations.

The SHACL shape validator is available to use as a standalone validator and through the Test Bed as part of conformance test scenarios. It offers the following APIs:

SHACL shape validator

The SHACLvalidator actually reuses the Test Bed's core RDF validation support that allows for a configuration-driven setup and automated updates.

Last update: 15/06/2022

SHACL shape validation in your own language

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