The e-Documents Reference Arc…

The e-Documents Reference Architecture has a new solution page

Published on: 24/05/2017

ISA² Action 2016.26 Interoperability agreements on electronic documents and electronic files focuses on electronic documents solutions in Member States of the European Union. One of the outputs of the action is the Reference Architecture for e-Documents. The architecture is based on an analysis of e-Documents solutions used by the public administrations in different Member States. In order to make the reference architecture more easily accessible, a new solution webpage is now available on the ISA² website. 

The reference architecture consists of ArchiMate diagrams following the structure of EIRA, organising information across the same parallel views that EIRA does: legal, organisational, semantic and technical (application and infrastructure). It is a live document, receiving more updates as the e-Documents team learns more about e-Document usage in Member States. The architecture is available as an interactive website, with additional information about the architecture’s elements. The elements of the architectural diagrams are directly clickable on the website. The image below represents a high-level overview of the architecture.


The solution page contains background information about the architecture and provides answers to questions related to the audience and use of the solution. The page also provides useful links and contact details for stakeholders seeking more information.