Integration Platform for Digital Transformation in Web Methods

Published on: 22/02/2018

The WebMethod attribute enables the method to be called through the web service. The ScriptMethod attribute tells which WebMethod should be used to call the method (POST/GET) and with formatting the response should use (JSON or XML)

The digital age is creating new business models and new opportunities virtually overnight. Disruption is the new normal with niche players emerging to seize control of entire markets in the blink of an eye. To compete, you need to harness your “digital DNA” by connecting business apps, devices, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and hybrid cloud—and be ready for what’s next. But how?

The integrated customer platform brings together all your systems and data sources to deliver a comprehensive, trusted view of your business functions. Integrating existing and new technologies with the IoT and multiple deployment options can spark agility and innovation and ensure your business is hard-wired for growth.