How to create a custom page

Published on: 20/11/2018
Last update: 18/05/2021

Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission and funded by the European Union via the Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA2) Programme. It offers several services that aim to help e-Government professionals share their experience with each other. We also hope to help them to find, choose, re-use, develop and implement interoperability solutions.


This How-To document outlines the required steps for creating, managing and editing a custom page in a collection.

The benefits of a custom page

Custom pages are created to highlight important topics, activities, solutions or events linked to the collection. They allow members to stay up to date and access all the necessary information with just one click.

As an illustrative example, we will take a look at the SEMIC Collection. SEMIC organises an annual conference. Therefore a custom page was created to highlight the event and make sure all members of the community were duly informed.


How to create a custom page

To create a new custom page, enter the collection area and click on the icon, plus-icon which is located on the right-hand side, below the collection’s banner. This action will display a contextual menu with the available content items to be created.

Select “Add Custom page”


This action will take you to the creation of the custom page.

To make this page available in the collection, you should fill in all the required fields.


Once you have filled in all the necessary information you have the possibility to publish your page directly or to work on it at a later stage.

To publish it, make sure to tick “Published” published-ticked

To work further or publish it at a later stage untick “Published” published-unticked

If you are happy with the result, or want to continue later click “Save”. save-button

Once you have clicked “Save” a new tab with the title of your custom page will appear in the left-hand menu.

For the purpose of the example, we have created the page ‘Custom page example”. After filling in all the information regarding the content of your new page, a new tab will appear in the left-hand side menu, indicating that your page has now been created.



How to manage and edit a custom page

To edit a custom page, enter the collection and click on the custom page you want to edit, which is located in the left-hand side menu.

Once you have entered the custom page, click on the icon with 3 vertical dots 3dots-menu. This icon is located on the top right of the banner.

Note that there are 2 sets of dots. You should make sure to select the upper one, as circled in red in the example below.


After clicking on the icon, the following options will appear:


View: Will display the custom page as it will appear in the browser;

  • Edit: Will take you back to the editing page, where you will be able to change or customise the title, body of the page or add a logo. If you have not yet published your page this is also the place to publish your page;
  • Delete: If you wish to delete your page;
  • Revision: Will allow you to see the number of revisions done to the page and will also let you know what the current version of the page is.

If you wish to go back to the previous version of the page, select the revision and click on “Revert”. This action will update your page to the previous version.

If you wish to delete a revision select it and click on “delete”.

You can also compare the current page to a previous version. To do so, make sure to select both versions and click on “Compare selected revisions”. You will then be able to see the changes made during each revision.


How to hide/unhide a custom page from the side menu

Once you have created your custom page, this one will appear in the left-hand side menu of your Collection.

If you wish to hide or unhide the tab of your custom page in the side menu, click on the 3 vertical dots, 3dots-menu2 and select “Edit Menu”



You then access the “Edit navigation menu of the Joinup collection”


The “Enabled” column will allow you to choose which section will appear in the left-hand side Collection’s menu.

If you wish to add sections tick the blank square unticked-box. A Blue tick ticked-box will appear and your section will be added to the left-hand side menu of your collection.

To hide a section, untick the Blue tick. The section will then not appear in the left-hand side menu anymore.

For each action click “SAVE”.


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