Presentation: OpenRay by Stephen Schmidt (Open Technology Foundation) 2013-10-22

Published on: 22/10/2013
Last update: 05/06/2014

Stephen presented the background story behind OpenRay and the Open Technology Foundation. He explained that the need to pool resources together across jurisdictions to get to the best solutions is one of the main driving factors behind OpenRay.

The following reasons for choosing to reuse Joinup were put forward:

  • It allows knowledge exchange
  • Effort and solutions can be shared
  • International alignment
  • It is an opportunity to lead by example

OpenRay is currently in pilot phase and it is facing a number of challenges, among which:

  • Content dilemma: What to include on the platform?
  • Technical issues with federated repositories
  • Collaboration: How to share improvements back with Joinup?

Future considerations for OpenRay include federating assets for Australia and New Zealand, promoting success stories and taking up a leadership role in its field. OpenRay is also receiving academic support.

Key message: OpenRay primarily needs more content and it is understood that the federation of interoperability solutions will be instrumental in attaining this objective.

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