Presentation: Vietnam OpenRoad Project by Dr. Luu Thanh Tra (Hoa Sen University) - 2013-10-22

Published on: 22/10/2013
Last update: 05/06/2014

The OpenRoad project aims to develop an e-government platform. The OpenRoad community includes public sector, private sector, universities and individuals. They received OpenRay in 2012 from the Open Technology Foundation.

The first phase of their project is to deploy an e-government portal. The second phase will introduce email and a document management system to the portal. For phase 1: MoST is in charge of the knowledge transfer from OpenRay to OpenRoad. The IT infrastructure is provided by private sector partners and the deployment of the portal is taken care of by universities.

The source code and documents created for the OpenRoad project are released for public review. The challenges faced by OpenRoad so far include:

  • The implementation of the platform
  • Creating an architecture for e-government
  • Some issues with data and process modelling
  • Reuse of open source software
  • Security

On the management side, the OpenRoad project is also facing some resources challenges. They are trying to interstate private corporations to get additional resources.

Therefore, they would welcome support on security issues, interfaces, use of standards and databases in order to localise Joinup in Vietnamese. The OpenRay community can offer expertise on open licenses, software design.

Key message: OpenRoad will go beyond the scope of Joinup to become an e-government portal. To this end, they wish to set up a collaborative development environment.

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